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Progressive comic about Trump misusing the presidential pardon.

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Getting A Handle On Collusion

Elijah Cummings rocks.


Today we learned, in sworn testimony before Congress, that t-Rump lied about a sexual encounter with a woman who isn't his wife and then proceeded to obstruct justice in an attempt to cover it up.

Remind me again.... WHY did the Republicans try to impeach Bill Clinton back in '98?


When t-Rump was in Moscow, years ago, Putin taped him having prostitutes pee all over a bed.

Today t-Rump is in Hanoi, watching the Cohen hearings, peeing the bed.

Please, dear god, let there be no video.


t-Rump: "I like people who weren't captured."

Mueller: "Oh, really? Let's see what I can do about that."


My shorthand take on the Cohen hearings:

GOP: Sound bite of random accusations that will play well on Fox News followed by "Please answer me yes or no."
Cohen: "I don't know how to answer that."
Rinse and repeat.


GOP: "Did you yarble-garble-warble-wall-border-fetus?"
Cohen: "Well, I..."
GOP: "Answer the question."
Cohen: "Okay, I..."
GOP: "Answer the question!"
Cohan: "But I...."


GOP: "You had a questionable bank loan."
Cohen: "Yes."
GOP: "You had a questionable bank loan?"
Cohen: "I said, yes, I did."


GOP: "You lied before Congress, didn't you?"
Cohen: "On behalf of the president, yes."
GOP: "Uh... uh... yarble-garble-warble-wall-border-fetus!"


When Carolyn Maloney asked Cohen "Who else should we be talking to?" my nipples got hard.

Then Cohen named names and I had to reach for a tissue.


Generic Republican Congressman/Fox News: "If Michael Cohen lied before, why should we believe him now?"

Cohen: "I brought the receipts."


In North Carolina's 9th district Republican Mark Harris got caught stealing the congressional election so the state decided to have a do-over.

Michael Cohen is testifying that t-Rump used illegal means, conspiring with Russia, to "win" the presidency.

Time for another do-over? Hmmmmmmmm?


Not ONCE in the eight years that Mr. Obama was president did I check the news first thing in the morning expectantly hoping to find he'd died a horrible death in the night.

How times do change.


Why does the GOP seemingly break everything? (See: Iraq)

It's so they can make the rest of us waste time arguing about how to repair the damage. And in the ensuing chaos the GOP can steal.

Imagine, instead, if everything worked. We'd be happy. (Well, happier.) And we'd be able to focus on real problems (See: climate change) not manufactured ones (See: t-Rump's wall)




end rant

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