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Progressive comic about Republicans refusing to rein in Trump.

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Chainsaw Trump

America. Where the rich use god, guns, and abortion to get stupid people to elect them to office whereupon they write laws that allow them to steal.


Captain Narcissist-Pants is the Ted Bundy of American presidents.

He knows just how to evade capture by the authorities as he metaphorically frottages the rotting corpses of his victims in the deep woods. If he could he'd have a refrigerator in the Oval Office where he'd keep the heads of all his "disloyal" cabinet members. No doubt he'd particularly like to savage the eye-sockets of Jeff Sessions on the weekends when he can't golf.

He's gonna fry, though. His New AG, Robert Barr, may slow the preparation time down for his BBQ but I hope they record the sounds of his screams. It'd be a reassuring sound to which I could happily use to nod off to sleep.


I hate to even have to say this, but: Don't get your information about presidential candidates from social media.

Don't do it.

Just..... don't.

There are plenty of legitimate news organizations out there (Sigh, yes, even CNN.... though not Fox News) from which to gather solid information.

So if you simply LIKE stories about pizza-basement pedophile clubs then go read a National Enquirer and just keep it to yourself.


Hey! Republican Senators! If just ONE of you will tell the public how the Russians have been infiltrating your party, and name names, you will go down in the history books as a savior of this country, a true hero.

Instead of, by all appearances, not giving a shit about this country.


Here's my question: Why does the Quisling-in-Chief want to give nuclear technology specifically to the Saudis? If he wanted the world to reduce the production of greenhouse gasses he'd give the tech to ALL countries. For free.

So the answer must be: Nude pictures of Twitters McFingersnatch with underage girls.


The headlines read "Government Shutdown! " and "National Emergency!"

While on page 15b: "Federal judiciary's continue to be packed with hard-line conservative judges."

There's your real headline.


I will not be surprised if we someday learn that Hair Furor's obvious manipulation by Putin is more due to his being an enormous, spray-tanned dumbass rather than it being the result of greed compounded by extortion.


Trump claimed Hillary Clinton was selling uranium to the Russians for personal profit, which was a lie.

So does it surprise anyone to learn that Trump was selling nuclear plant plans to the Saudis? Illegally?

Keep in mind that Trump's first foreign trip after he was inaugurated was to... Saudi Arabia. Evidently to sign the contract.

Can we hang him yet? Can we, can we, can we?


Republicans are like Taco Bell to its voters. The GOP menu looks so tasty but their voters all end up with explosive diarrhea. But they have short memories so, given time, they will always go back for more.

Yes, Republican voters all end up paying in the end.




end rant

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Trump chasing Uncle Sam with chainsaw.
GOP elephant: Well, we can either rein in his obvious criminal behavior or we can just quietly continue to profit obscenely as the country descends into a fascist kakistocracy.
GOP: What to do? What to do?

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