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Progressive comic about Mitch McConell's rules for Trump's Senate trial.

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Trump Is Impeached

From now on every Democrat needs to vote like every Republican is named "Trump".


The Senate trial of Bill Clinton lasted for five weeks. Because blow-jobs are the worst thing EVER!

Chuck Schumer offered Mitch McConnell essentially the same set of rules used in the Clinton impeachment trial to be used in the Trump impeachment trial.

McConnell replied "Neener-neener, you're a wiener!" or something to that mature effect.


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News & Notes for December 18, 2019

Trump is getting impeached today.

Most Americans think there's enough evidence to convict Trump.

Trump urged to resign before impeachment.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans march to impeach Trump.

Buttigieg fails to disclose Wall Street backers.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Mitch McConnell: The defendant won't be there but a member of the jury will act as his advocate, most of the jury has already decided the defendant is innocent, and there will be no witnesses, and some among the jury will be taking bribes from the defendant's accomplices. So the Senate trial to remove the president will be just like a regular trial. Trust me.

Trump falls comic Trum Truths 2 comic