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Progressive comic about the first Trump impeachment hearing

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Total Giveaway

The Republican strategy in a nutshell:

Devin Nunes: "Mr. Taylor, would you say that Mr. Biden was involved in a corrupt conspiracy with Ukraine, and would I look silly wearing a pink tutu?"

William Taylor: "To the first question, no. To the second question, yes."

Later on Fox News:

Nunes - "Is Mr. Biden involved in a corrupt conspiracy?"

Taylor - "Yes".


Jim Jordan: "Did people lie to you about Trump?"

Taylor: "You mean did several people all make up the same story just so I can sit here and be interrogated by a nimrod like you? I don't think so."


From @timhannan:

Has there ever been a clearer illustration between the two parties then this hearing? One side has facts, witnesses, professionalism and the other side is throwing every turd they can get their hands on.


One of the best retorts to come out of today's hearing was Jim Jordan (R) whining about the identity of the whistleblower and Peter Welch(D) swatting him down.

Jim Jordan: "We will never be able to question the person who started all of this."

Rep. Welch: "I'd be glad to have the person who started it all come in and testify. President Trump is welcome to take a seat right there."


It was awfully nice of Fat hitler to threaten Yovanovitch today and add witless intimidation to his list of crimes.


Kent, Taylor, and Yovanovitch have all three been under oath during these impeachment hearings. They tempt a perjury charge if they lie.

Not one of the Republican Congressmen are under oath. They can say whatever shit they want.

Keep that in mind.


t-Rump, 2011: "The first thing I'll do is release my tax returns."

t-Rump, 2012: "I think it's a great thing to release your tax returns."

t-Rump 2014: "I would love to produce my tax returns if I run for office."

t-Rump 2015: "I would certainly show my tax returns if it was necessary."

t-Rump, 2016: "I'll release my tax returns in the next few months!"



end rant

News and Notes for November 15, 2019

Roger Stone is guilty. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!.

Yovanovitch gets standing ovation after 5 hours of testimony.

Criminal Trump engages in public witness tampering.

The Supreme Court probably won't take the Trump tax case.

Yovanovitch hearing congfirms that Trump is running a thugocracy.

Trump is surrounded by criminals.

Turkey is still killing Kurds, thanks to Trump.

Democrats call for resignation of white nationalist Stephen Miller.

Is Rudy Giuliani totally screwed? (I hope so.)

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William Taylor and George Kent
the takeaways from the first Open Impeachment Hearing
You can't fight corruption without pissing-off corrupt people.
We're not here to act as partisans, we're here to provide facts.
Treats to deny military aid to Ukraine is crazy.
The Ukranians were freaked out by Trump freeing their security funds.
Trump cares more about attacking Biden than about protecting Ukraine
Trump put American and Ukranian national security at risk with his extortion plot.
GOP: Russia good. Biden bad. Kent drank water. Water!

yovanovitch  comic born conservative  comic