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Progressive comic about police killings.

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The Thin Red Line

The DOJ would not investigate t-Rump's crimes so the House had to essentially form a grand jury so they could investigate it themselves.

Republicans are complaining the House is working in secret, but that's exactly how grand juries work.
Republicans are complaining that they're being shut out of the process. They aren't. There are three bipartisan committees with members of both houses present.

This morning thirty Republican Congressman rushed a closed-door impeachment hearing to disrupt testimony being given by an assistant secretary of defense. They brought their cell phones into a highly-secure area, which has been described as "a major breech" of security. Electronic devices in such an area is, or so I'm told, a felony.

This was all done for the benefit of Fox News. It's the Brooks Brothers riot of 2000 all over again.

But here's the kicker: You know who gave the House the ability to investigate such crimes in this manner?
The Republicans, when Obama was still President. They wanted the ability to investigate Hillary to death.

Look at all those chickens roosting up there.


Trump, Barr, Pompeo, Perry, Sondland, Volker and Mulvaney: "Hey, let's all extort Ukraine and force its president to interfere with the U.S. 2020 election. No one will ever know. It's the perfect crime!"

Ambassador William Taylor: "Uh, guys. I'm standing right here."


t-Rump tweeted yesterday that the impeachment process is "a lynching".

Typical t-Rump projection, considering the GOP spent 8 years virtually lynching President Obama.

This is basically t-Rump saying "They can't hang me for treason because the Democrats tried to lynch me. That would be double jeopardy so neener-neener, Justice!"


Normal people have no fear of being lynched as lynching is sort of an unexpected event.

The only people who should worry about being lynched are those who know they've done something to earn it.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Police Sergeant: And so, cadets, always remember these rules.
Sign: Reasons to shoot people:
they have a gun
they have a toy gun
they have a gun in their house
they have no gun in their house
they have no gun
Cadet: That ain't right!
Reasons to shoot black people.
Sergeant: Better?
Cadet: Thanks.

trump state of the union comic trump state of the union comic