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Comic about judge Kavanaugh.

start rant

Kavanaugh is the CO2 of Judges

To everyone on the East coast I hope you're all in a safe place. Good luck, my friends.


I hope that t-Rump is remembered in our history books.... as the first president to die penniless in jail.


When Ted Cruz says "There is no climate change" he doesn't really believe it.

When Ted Cruz says "Birth control is abortion-inducing drugs" he doesn't really believe it.

When Ted Cruz says "Tax cuts for the rich will create jobs" he doesn't really believe it.

Ted Cruz only says what his donors tell him to say.

Beto O'Rourke's donors are people like you and me. He speaks from his heart and his head.

Blue wave, baby!


I'm hopeful for the upcoming mid-term elections but I told that in the five years since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down key parts of the Voting Rights Act nearly a thousand polling places have been shuttered across the country, many of them in southern black communities.

That's your Republican Party at work.


Congressional Republicans will never need a colonoscopy, because they're gutless. Or heart transplants. Or spinal surgery.


I am the Red Hen. I am Maxine Waters. I am Patricia Okoumou. I am Kristin Mink. I am Robert De Niro. I am David Hogg. I am Emma Gonzelez. I am Mike Avenetti. I am Stormy Daniels. I am Rachel Maddow. I am Pickaxe Guy. I am LeBron James. I am Robert Mueller. I am Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I am Peter Strzok. I am Elizabeth Warren. I am Heather Heyer.  I am Beto O'Rourke. I am Andrew Gillum. I am Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. I am Botham Jean. I am Plaid Shirt Guy.

Fuck Trump.


end rant

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GOP elephant: political climate change is a myth. Factories spewing pollution, each labeled roberts, alito, gorsuch, thomas, kavanaugh.