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Billions and Billions

I'm currently plowing through a 2013 BBC TV series called "Utopia". I recommend it if you have a strong stomach for bloody violence.

It's essential mcguffin is a vaccine called "Janus" which will render 95% of humans sterile.
It also blurs the line between the "bad guys" who developed it and the "good guys" who are trying to destroy it.

I qualify the protagonist/antogonists of the program because, considering the human race is hurtling towards certain catastrophe if we keep pooping out kids at our current rate, the idea of this vaccine is actually a pretty good one. It's "Oooh, cute babies" vs. "Not starving in a waterless hellhole". Take your pick.

I prefer the second option. In fact, many years ago, when I was barely out of my teens, I decided I was going to keep my little Lefty's to myself. I came from a family of eight children and, being as bright as fetal alcohol syndrome would allow, quickly formulated the opinion that too many people in one house or, by extension, on one world is a BIG problem. (Fortunately for me I've romanced the finest string of passionate babes imaginable who shared a similar predisposition.)

So, yeah, given the opportunity I would happily help spread a real-life Janus. On the one hand it might have minimized or prevented the steady flow of immigrants across our borders.

On the other, it may be the only chance humankind has left.


Book Update: Those of you with a pulse might have noticed I didn't quite meet my end-of-May promise to have the first Raging Pencils book ready for public consumption. There are two reasons, one of which is technical as I'm self-publishing through Createspace and I'm not quite at Guru-level when it comes to finessing their system.

The other problem is I want this first book to be more than just a collection of comics so there is much gnashing of teeth and pools of sweat involved in deciding what goes in and what stays mercifully out.

All I can say is, I'm working on it.

And Fuck Trump.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephants: Immigrants should be stopped at the border.
Immigrants should have their children taken from them.
Immigrant children should be warehoused.
Immigrant children should be used as slave labor.
Immigrant children should be used for medical experiments.
Immigrant children should be destroyed.
The slippery slope. Swastika.