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The progressive web comic about Trump's wall.

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Walpoling Again

"Guys don't seem to be called Lefty anymore." - George Carlin

"I miss George Carlin." - Lefty


Today our Propecia Potentate tweeted photos of his "marvelous new wall", neglecting to mention these were photos taken of wall-contruction in California back in 2009. Click the image for a larger, more detailed version.


The most hilarious part about t-Rump's wall debacle is that he actually could have gotten funding for it in exchange for Dreamer protection, but he had to push and demand his reforms and then made the indefensible "shithole" comment.

He had the leverage to get what he wanted and had the Democrats ready to negotiate. He was literally in a situation where he shouldn't be able to lose... and lost! Fat Boy completely failed to negotiate ANYTHING, has now lost all leverage, and the Dreamers are protected by the courts.

Mr. Art of the deal everyone


Because nothing interesting is going on in politics (aren't I amusing?) let me tell you about my new hobby.

Early into my illustration career it became clear that sitting for hours on end rendering shoes and washing machines caused my clothes, specifically my pants and especially the waist area of my pants, to shrink. I cannot fully explain why. I think it has something to do with dark chocolate matter.

To combat the attack of the snug pantaloons I convinced myself to engage in all manner of high-impact sport but eventually narrowed my interest down to walking, especially after my knees began conspiring against me. So for many, many years I've been walking 3-4 miles a day, every day. I recommend this as it's a very contemplative divertissement.

Where does the 'hobby' part come in? It comes in the form of loose change I have found on my path. My habit, lo these many years, has been to pocket the coins and dump them into a jar once I return home. But now I'm doing something different, and it involves the lottery.

I used to waste money on the lottery but one day, many years ago, I did the math and said  "No more". I'll just take pleasure in the people who beat the odds, win a pile of loot, and leave it at that. But recently I decided that each time I acquire $1 in loose change, money found in the streets, I'd buy a lottery ticket.

For the record, in the month or so since I thought of this idea I've found enough coinage to buy three tickets and have won exactly one dollar.
It may take almost forever to hit even a modest jackpot but when, and if, it happens it's gonna make a GREAT story to tell at Thanksgiving.


end rant

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