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Progressive comic about Trump's opposition to gun control

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Half-Assed Mast

Congratulations to all the Democrats who rode that Big Blue Wave! And to those Democrats who continue to slowly but surely count and recount the votes to assure all of as honest a result as possible. Good luck to Stacy Adams and Andrew Gillum, in particular.


As this cartoon suggests, it peeved me no small amount that t-Rump's response to the Thousand Oaks shooting was to have the White House flag lowered to half-mast. As you may recall, he didn't lower the flag for the slaughter in the Jewish synagogue until he'd received a public tongue-lashing for his bumblefuckery.

Apart from this obvious racism was also the blunt fact that one of Fat Boy's first acts as president* was to rescind an executive order that kept guns out of the hands of the mentally incompetent. So the symbolic lowering of the flag was something he obviously did out of political duress and not out of honest sympathy for the victims. So fuck that guy.


I attended my local "Protect Mueller" protest here in Dallas tonight. About 300 good progressives assembled in the lee of our city hall and bitched and moaned and sang and pledged our troth for the protection of Robert Mueller and for the future of this country. It was invigorating.

The whole time I was standing there a singular thought swirled through my noggin, something I'd read earlier in the day and one I cannot honestly remember from whence it came. It goes thusly:

"Democrats need to resist Republicans at every turn. After all, the GOP obstructed Mr. Obama for eight years and all it got them was complete control of everything."


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