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The progressive web comic about trump being rejected by England.

start rant

Bloody Arsehole!

For the record: On January 11, 2018, the creature gifted the office of the president due to complicity of the Russians and the GOP gargled out the following regarding African nations and Haiti in particular: "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?"

Also for the record: The Giant Orange Man-Baby cancelled his scheduled trip to the UK because, he said, the location of the new U.S. embassy was terrible, blaming its location on President Obama when, in fact, George W. Bush selected it for security reasons.

In fact, he didn't make the trip because England has both a functioning democracy and news media and millions would have hit the streets in protest against his Ass-Hatness. That would have been embarrassing. And White House propagandists couldn't have that.


Is America a shithole country? Hmmm, let's see...

Among industrial nations America is far down on the list on wealth inequality, child mortality, public health, and education. Our roads and bridges are strategically being allowed to fail while industrialists await their opportunity to privatize them forever. We spend vast portions of our wealth on unnecessary weapons of war for the benefit of oil companies. We recently had 500 people shot on the street for apparently no reason, and no one in government is allowed to enact legislation because the gun lobby is too powerful. We just had an election stolen by the Russians and the government doesn't care because it's too busy allowing corporations and the insanely wealthy to drain our Treasury dry.

So, yeah, it smells pretty bad here.


I'm now going to write the shittiest ending to Game of Thrones ever...

"And then he woke up."



end rant

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England, talking to Trump and America: Sorry, old chap, we don't like presidents from shitehole countries coming here.
For the record: Shithole.