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The progressive web comic about Trump obstructing justice.

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On Justice Obstructed

Let's not forget that the day before t-Rump's dinner with Comey was when former Attorney General Sally Yates warned the so-called-prez that Flynn was dirty. Once he realized that the AG and the FBI were wise to Russian influence, and neither would be "loyal", t-Rump began cleaning house.

Nope. No obstruction there.


You get the feeling that the Oaf of Office will eventually claim the alleged Comey tapes are under audit. It's really the only thing that's worked for him.


You know what makes the UK elections even more satisfying? The Russians WANTED May's party to win.


If a husband was caught once dallying with a woman he oughtn't, there'd be trouble. Twice, there'd be painful retributions. Three times, unimaginable horrors.

So how does Sessions get away with all of his furtive Russian encounters?


GOP Sen. Tom Cotton: "Do you believe Trump colluded with Russia?"

Comey: "I don't think I should answer that in an open setting."

Translation: "Let me put it this way: When you're lining-up your gunsights on the varmints that have been killing all your chickens, you don't let them know when the bullet is coming, or from where."


This possibility makes me happy:

1. Democrats win the House (odds are good). Pelosi becomes Speaker.
2. Democrats win the Senate (really tough, but small possibility).
3. House impeaches the popular-vote-losing Donald Trump and Mike Pence.
4. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, third-in-line, becomes president.


In a deposition for a Trump Plaza bankruptcy case, Trump's own lawyer testifies they often met with him in pairs because Trump lies so much.


The funniest thing I've heard all week:

Lawyers: "Trump won't pay and he won't listen.... and he won't stop goddamn tweeting!"


end rant

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If this isn't obstruction of justice
Trump to comey: I hope you can let Flynn go.
Then THIS isn't a robbery.
Thief: I hope you will give me your money.