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Our Toddler-in-Chief is apparantly pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accords, joining only Syria and Nicaragua.

For the record, Nicaragua didn't sign because it thought the regulations were not strict enough, and Syria is in the middle of a brutal civll war, which means t-Rump's decision is solely based on Mr. Obama being a negro.


The same orange toddler who said that NATO doesn't pay their bills is the same guy who had hundreds of lawsuits against him for non-payment of bills.


Actual conversation this weekend while attending a garage sale:

Homeowner: "Do you think Trump will be impeached?"
Me: "I think he'll resign due to 'health concerns'."
Older Woman: "Obama should have been impeached."
Me: "Why? For what reason?"
Older Woman: "Why? Uhhhh, because he was from Kenya!"

Yes. They live.


end rant

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