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A Cancer on the Presidency

This is not exactly a new idea but in the face of Russian intrusion into American social media it's clearly become necessary that anyone on the internet who wants to be taken seriously must use their real name.

Suppose you go to a party and you meet a guy who's blabbing new and controversial information about this or that public figure. If you knew, for a fact, that this man's name is Bill Johnson and that he lives in Sacramento, California you might allow him greater credence than if his name-tag read "Hello, I'm RippedPex96".

Yeah, we all get our panties in a ridiculous privacy wad that thugs from the other side of the aisle will doxx us and subsequently threaten violence if we espouse something that questions their limited world view but that happens every goddamn day. Friends, family, business acquaintances, even the check-out girl at the A&P, they all have an inkling about your perverse liberal or conservative ideologies but you still manage to get through the day without a knife in your back.

Yes, there are those who will be resistant to this idea but these people are cowards, unable to support the weight of their convictions in a public forum. Sadly, sites like Reddit would never institute such a "RealName" policy as it thrives on back alley information. Twitter, on the other hand, already has a huge user base that goes by its real, verified names so a requirement that all users follow this rule would be easy to enact and would, hopefully, reject all those Russian 'bots. And that'd be a start.


I'm thankful for the Great Orange Turd's 9-Day Magical Misery Tour as it has shown the entire world exactly how much Melania hates his fucking guts.


Senator Al Franken has a new book out. Here's a small sample:

"Here’s the thing that you have to understand about Ted Cruz. I like Ted Cruz more than most of my colleagues like Ted Cruz. And I hate Ted Cruz."

I love Al Franken.


Finally, to all of the graduates of Notre Dame who walked out on VP Mike Pence: "You rock!"


end rant

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