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Pick and Choose

To those whining about "gutless Democrats": According to an ABC News analysis of data from the Congressional Research Service President Ape-ricot McHairplugs has more unconfirmed Cabinet nominees at this point in his term than all previous presidents combined.

Give it up for them bad boys and girls!


President Punypinkies' Muslim travel ban was just axed by a real judge. I can see him now back at Trump tower, raging at his Filipino grape-peelers, muttering to himself "How could I get terrorists from all seven countries at once to steal a plane and fly it into a building that I've had my jew lawyers overinsure?"


In order to pass an executive order it first has to be sent to the Office of Management and Budget, then it's directed to the Justice Department. After their okay it's sent back to the prez for signing. Guess which part of that our Oozing-Pimple of a President chose to neglect when he recently went after immigrants and refugees?

The OMB part, you say?



The way our Apricot Commander In Chief is popping out executive orders you'd think it was some kind of nacho-cheese-flavored snack food from Frito-Lay.

"Betcha can't sign just ONE!"


No recording was made of the call between Prez TinyHands and Vladimir Putin. I'm guessing an hour of old Vlad going "Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? You is a good boy! Yes, you is! Yes, you is!" would not have played well in the rust belt.


You know what I think when I look at the new administration in Washington?

Leveraged buyout.

Vulture capitalism.

Break it up, sell it off, leave the debts for someone else to pay.


Aaaaand, finally:

“Betsy DeVos teaches us that if you're born rich, never go to public schools, and hate public schools, someday you can run public schools.” - comedian Mike Birbiglia.

Phone your senator today. Oppose Betsy DeVos.


end rant

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