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Dark Days

Today is Day Sixteen of "Duck 'n Cover Month" here at Raging Pencils, home of the vented spleen. Today's 'toon hails from October 14, 2013. When I drew it I didn't think the GOP would go so far as to ACTUALLY burn everything down but, by all appearances, they're certainly going to give it the old college try.


I attended the local Dallas, Texas Women's March along with a dear lady friend of mine. The size of the crowd wildly exceeded all expectations, swamping the final rally point. It was a great experience and my joy multiplied many times by news reports from other cities citing even larger crowds.

That evening, though I don't usually watch local news, I decided to check the coverage of the march. I first tried the NBC (KXAS) broadcast and (1) they didn't mention the march and (2) they led with an interview with a local grandmother who loves Trump.

I began throwing things at the TV.

CBS was much more even-handed. Crisis averted. The TV lived to aggravate me another day.


If you're as tired as I am being told by Trump-bots that they're busy "drinking liberal tears" remind them that it's probably prostitute urine.


Finally, if there is someone on your Facebook feed (or other social media) who is still a staunch Trump supporter, dump them. Immediately.

They will never listen to reason so why bother trying? And when that tiny 33% of Facebookers is gone that leaves the remaining 66% of us to have adult conversations, especially as it regards what must be done to "make America less great", so to speak. It will also cut out a great deal of REAL "fake news", previously known as "propaganda".

So do it. Do it now. You'll feel MUCH better.


end rant

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Once upon a time there was a land in which all the people were containers full of melanocytes, and everyone was happy.
One day the people decided to pick a new leader, so they chose a jar that happened to express slightly more melanin than all the rest.
Most of the jars were happy with their new leader but some were scared of the extra melanin, so they ruined everything for everyone.
The End.
(Something about racism.