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The progressive web comic about the slaughter of fifty people in Orlando, Florida.
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There but for the grace of Glock...

There weren't fifty gay people killed in Florida on Saturday. There were fifty ordinary people who had the full expectation of awakening the next day and feeling the warmth of the sun on their faces, of visiting with their family, eating ice cream, playing with their pets, consuming their favorite pop culture... you know, all the things you would do if your fellow Americans weren't allowed easy access to weapons of war, to be used unpredictably to satisfy the ancient blood-lust that roils through all our veins.

We are not the children of god, we're the descendents of animals who THINK they're the children of god, and you don't give animals, or children, assault rifles.


This is amazing!

My comic of 6-10-16 called out the media for simply parroting the inanities of people like Donald Trump instead of clearly translating the speaker's intent. Well, today it seems the Washington Post did exactly that, taking the Donald's word salad regarding the Orlando shooting and condensing it down basically to "The President, that Muslim, was in on it."

Trump's reaction was to (Wait a minute. I need to catch my breath from laughing so hard.) cancel press credentials for any correspondent from the Post. This is a smart move because Trump is a smart person who understands smartness. So smart that smarty smarty-guy and his words of smartness.


end rant

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Today a man armed with a knife killed fifty people.
Today a man armed with a baseball bat killed 50 people.
Today a man armed with a rabid badger killed 50 people.
Today House Republicans signed a sensible assault weapons bill.

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