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That's 'Business' With a Capital FU

When asked about a possible real estate bubble in 2006 Donald Trump's response was "I sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy property make a lot of money."

He didn't say "I'll go sell crack and make lots and lots and LOTS of money" because crack is illegal, but if it HAD been legal he'd have been hitting that bitch like it was Whitney Houston.

However, buying mortgages for pennies on the dollar from people strapped for cash in an economic meltdown created by the same people buying the mortgages is a-fucking-okay with Wally McBunkruptcyface.

Trump's excuse for being such a turd-hearted bastard was that "He's a businessman." By that he means the kind of businessman that corners the market on telecommunications, oil, or pharmaceuticals and gouges the consumer. He means the type of businessman that makes 800 times what his average employee does. He means the type of businessman who can go bankrupt on four separate casinos plus an airline and still consider himself an economic genius.

Just a reminder that Dubya, the previous CEO-in-chief, was a failed oilman in Texas, which is a tough trick to accomplish. Lucky for him his daddy's rich buddies bailed him out and gave him a partnership in the Texas Rangers so he could be perceived as a successful "businessman" just like Trump, whose own daddy gave him a $40 million dollar head start.

We've seen Trump's story before. It ends badly unless you honestly enjoy watching your tax dollars being furiously funneled into the pockets of his cronies, on the basis of some new and contrived 'national emergency', for four more years.


Trump wussed out of the debate with Sanders because he knew he'd get hammered on specifics. Dubya had the same problem during his debate with Kerry in 2004 but his handler's solution was to simply fit him with a wireless earphone. Watch this blast from the past as a reminder of how obvious that was. When Chimpy McFlightsuit says "Let me finish" he was NOT referring to anyone involved in the debate.


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