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Some might argue that Bernie Sanders also makes promises while asking for donations, just like Trump, but Bernie actually has plans, policies, ways to finance his ideas, mostly by taxing both Wall Street and the very wealthy.

Trump, on the other hand, doesn't even have policies or plans, just catch phrases. In fact, he's belligerently proud that we have no idea what he'd do as president because he obviously doesn't know.... or care. All he'll say is he's gonna "make America great again".

Okay, how great? What exactly is to be improved? How does building a wall improve the cash flow of the middle class? How does shipping muslims overseas grow our manufacturing base? What happens if America isn't "Great" after four years? Does he owe us a refund? Can we publicly pillory him for lying?

As answer to that, in 2010 the GOP promised jobs for Americans as part of their party platform but didn't produce one stick of legislation to create jobs in the following six years. They LIED to the American people and were rewarded with the cushiest jobs in America as no Congress in history has done less than this current group and it all begins with their hatred of a man with slightly darker skin.


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What kind of suckers do these crowdfunders take us for? They just make ridiculous claims and then disappear with all the donations.
Wow! Trump for president? Take my money!

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