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The progressive web comic comparing mankind to mold on an orange.
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To Moldly Go...

In Douglas Adams' mind-bending novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy" he writes about the most beautiful planet in the universe... Bethselamin. It was a vacationer's dream destination but so many tourists began visiting the planet that erosion became a problem. So in order to maintain the planet's environmental equilibrium the authorities would surgically remove the net balance between what a visitor ate and what they excreted before they left the planet. It was therefore vitally important for them to get a receipt every time they visited the lavatory.

In a similar vein, campaign money is eroding our government, so I propose that we compute the net worth of every elected official at the beginning of their term and if they leave office with a bank balance greater than what their tax returns said they had left over every year we make them work for free as Walmart greeters until they've paid it off.

Sound good?


You must be thinking "Mankind as nothing but mold on an orange? Wow! What an original idea! What will Lefty think up next? Perhaps every atom is a tiny universe, or black holes are where we'll find all the lost socks, or it was powerful explosives that disintegrated all the concrete in the World Trade Center....oh, wait."


end rant

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How can you be so unconcerned about how we've destroyed our environment through carelessness and neglect?
Because where we live is just a way station. It's our manifest destiny to colonize the known universe.
But we'll take care of our next home, right?
Oh, you can bet on it.
Orange planets.