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Uhhh, not really.

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The progressive web comic about Donald Trump and abortion.
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Pregnant Palls

“When I’m president American women will have the best pregnancies. I’ll build a YOOOOOGE uterine wall so tall that immigrant mothers will never get over it. And I’ll make Planned Parenthood pay for it.

I’d make a great obstetrician because I’ve got long, beautiful fingers... perfect for signing American birth certificates, which our current president doesn’t have. My only problem is that women flirt with me too much, even in the delivery room. But that’s to be expected, since they’re expecting. Why, if my daughter Ivanka wasn’t my daughter perhaps she’d be expecting right now, because I’ve got long, beautiful fingers, and we all know what that means.

Did I mention my fingers? Fingers, fingers, fingers.”


here's a country in this world where a woman of any age can walk into a medical facility and obtain an abortion at any point in her pregnancy, and the government will actually pay for it, no waiting period required. Where is this den of barbary, you may ask?

England. You know, pip-pip, cheerio and all that kinda jazz.

In fact, any country that's not completely in the thrall of the Catholic Church has a similarly liberal approach to the abortion process. France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada (which has no criminal laws restricting abortion) and many others are happy to help women in their times of need.

El Salvador? That's another story. If you suffer a miscarriage there you're liable to spend a few years in jail. Or thirty years, like 17-year-old Christina Quintanilla after an anonymous hospital nurse accused her of having an abortion.

Abortion should be readily available for all women, without restrictions. It's their bodies, after all.

The sad truth is that Republicans only use the issue of abortion as a wedge issue, to con godly folk into the red side of  the voting booths. If they were serious about unwanted births they'd make birth control free and easy to obtain, plus require frank and uncensored sex education for all children. These, among all other steps, have been proven to reduce the number of abortions.


Again, a modest mea culpa. My 'toon production has been irregular lately as I'm suffering from what I call "Trump fatigue". I have many other ideas for comics outside the purely political arena but this smug jerk just HAS to open his yap and cause me to slam on the brakes. It seems like it should be easy to lampoon the guy but contextualizing the seemingly random noises he poots out honestly makes my brain throb.



end rant

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Man and woman sitting on couch watching a Donald Trump speech on TV.
Let's punish women who get abortions!
Let's punish the owners of abortion clinics!
Let's punish the abortion doctors!
Let's also punish the men who impregnate single women!
Trump's an asshole.