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Grease Job

To be precise, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said that there's a special place in Hell for "women who don't help each other." By which she meant "vote for Hillary Clinton".

Okay, with that out the way <sound of knuckles cracking> I'd like to share a dream with you:

I'm standing in front of a new high-speed train. It's sleek and racy. The rails upon which its wheels ride are embedded in a long, flat ribbon of concrete. There are no wooden ties.

My job is to crawl under one of the cars and make some minor adjustments. I enjoy being under the train. It's quiet and the concrete is warm beneath me.

Suddenly there's a hissing sound and the train car unexpectedly lowers until its outside edges are nearly touching the concrete. It's preparing itself for departure and being lower to the ground means better aerodynamics, but it also means I'm trapped under the train, barely able to breathe.

As I struggle to escape the train begins to move. I yell for someone to stop the train.

It picks up speed and I'm crushed against the back edge. I yell for someone to stop the train!

The train is rapidly accelerating. I can feel my skin being abraded by the concrete surface, leaving a slick smear of blood and skin to mark my passage. I yell for someone to STOP THE TRAIN!

That's when I woke up.

I share this awful dream because being under that train and being painfully ground to death is what I would define as "a special place in Hell". And if I understand the concept of Hell correctly it would mean experiencing that kind of death over and over and over, for all eternity.

I understand that Ms. Albright was just convulsively waxing hyperbolic but someone of her notoriety should pick their words more carefully. It's the sort of statement we expect from the conservative side of the aisle, although they prefer to turn it around as "God wants me to be president."

If Ms. Albright prefers Ms. Clinton, that's fine, but there are many, much more suitable targets for her particular brand of damnation than women who simply prefer to take a more secular approach to candidate selection.


end rant

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Kwikkie Kwiz!
Question: Guess which group Madeleine Albright has publicly consigned to "a special place in Hell".
Members of the Mexican drug cartel
Those who instigated the invasion of Iraq for their own benefit
Priests who sodomize children
Women who don't vote for Hillary.