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All The Nudes That's Print To Fit

I know, I know. There's all these fancy doin's occurring in Iowa and I'm wasting my time kvetching about coloring books. Let me address those two points thusly:

(1) I wasn't worried about Bernie. I knew he'd do well.

(2) The idea of coloring books for adults, even adult-only coloring books, just BUGS me as it's not art. If it was food it'd be a TV dinner. Bleah.

If a person has no discernable art skills there are any number of more meaningful though no less mindless divertissement with which to keep oneself occupied. Pokemon comes immediately to mind, followed by football, CIS: Anything, bathing the cat, and Yugo engine repair.


There's a certain subReddit (You all know about Reddit, right?) in which people, mostly women it seems, post racy selfies of themselves for all the world to see and presumably, blow up to wall size. Mostly it's just body shots but sometimes a face peeks through and that bugs me, too. I'm no prude, I like naked ladies, but from a practical standpoint it's rather inconvenient, to put it mildly, to have a naked picture of one's self floating around the cyber-ether when one is, say, looking for a job. Especially one that involves children, like being a teacher or a member of the Republican party.

But after some thought I've decided it's not a bad idea after all. In fact, I think everyone should get naked, face and all, right on the 'net. Because once we're all naked no one has power over us. Jennifer Lawrence could proceed to send all the naked selfies she wants without hackers probing her telecommunication goods for racy tidbits.

So in this regard, let me be the first web cartoonist to post a candidly explicit image of his unfettered corporeal splendor. Let's see Randall Munroe top that.


end rant

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