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Fool Me Once...

When the Bushies decided to invade Iraq back in 2001 (1999, really) they employed the specter of nuclear annihilation in order to garner support, blowing hot gas about Saddam Hussein and his "mushroom clouds" and driving the sheople into full-fledged panic. Yet, as all but the right-wingiest of Republicans willingly understand, there were more nukes in my laundry basket than in Baghdad.

What we're hearing now about Iran, and from Dick Cheney (Fuck Dick Cheney!) specifically is "Oh, look, more Muslims with nukes! Let's invade them now before they destroy the American way of life... again!"


So what if Iran is making nukes. I say let 'em. What can they possibly accomplish with it? Nuke Israel? If they do it's the end of Iran as they know it, and they know it. If they're actually making nukes it's most likely for the obvious goal of being able to say "Invade us and eat hot plutonium, eaters of finger-lickin'-good chicken!"

I mean, just imagine a country sitting on 10% of the world's oil with a stockpile of nukes to protect themselves from another rapacious Republican president. What is this world coming to?

There is a much more subtle game afoot than just the atomic component. My guess is, like Iraq, this just another play by the banks, who really own and run everything, using their influence to get their grubby tentacles into Iran's banking system. After all, the only countries without a central bank owned by the Rothschilds are Cuba, North Korea, and Iran.

Just guessing.



end rant

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And so, thanks to Kellogg, Balrog & Root, the Ring was returned to Sauron, Middle Earth plunged into an endless war and everyone lived profitably ever after.
Dick Cheney rewrites the Lord of the Rings.