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Know Your Acronyms

FYI, LGBT is not an acronym and neither is FYI. They're initialisms. A combination of letters is not considered an acronym unless they form an easily pronounceable word. NATO, for example, is an acronym while FBI is an initialism. (Though if the BBC can be pronounced "beeb", which it is in England, then the FBI can be pronounced "feeb". Ammaright?) I believe this means that all acronyms can be an initialism but not necessarily vice versa. BWDIK.

Without doubt, "ellgeebeetee" is a mouthful (Quiet, you!) and I hear there's even talk of adding extra letters like "I" and "Q", for "intersex" and "queer". No doubt other spectrums on the sexual scale will want to join the band someday, like hermaphrodites or, I dunno, Filipino she-males, so it can only get worse. Right about now we could probably use a better solution.

There are those of a conservative mind-set who believe that the optimal description should be something like "Non-Het", for "non-heterosexual", but that's like calling normal-sized people "Non-Fat". Besides, is there really a "normal" when it comes to biological life? Do we really even need labels like this except just to chose up sides?

I think Popeye had the right idea when he said "I am what I am" because we are all what we are.


Technical note: I finally discovered a suitable fix for the Search feature here on ye olde Pencil. You can now sate your historical comic curiosity with but a few clicks of the keyboard and the touch of a button.


end rant

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