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Greetings, Pencilneckers!

Yes, ragingpencils.com is finally online and you'll notice it looks suspiciously like the old web site because this is all I had time for. But at least I have a new logo which will make a great t-shirt or colostomy bag once I tighten the art up a bit.

I want to thank all of you for tagging along to the new digs and please please PLEASE let me know if you discover something on the site that has gone KER-FLOOEY! You just won't beLIEVE how intricate these little web site suckers can be.


Note: Some of you might notice this isn't the original comic I posted on Monday morning. All I can really say is "How about them Yankees?"

Technical note: For those employing an RSS feed the new file-name is "rp-rss.xml". I could have kept the old filename but I'm pretty sure the path to ragingpencils.com was going to break the feed anyway.


end rant

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Nuclear family.
Oh, don’t be so hard on the kids, Martha. We played a game or two of “nuclear inspector” ourselves when we were their age, too.