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Cheery Thought #327

was having difficulty understanding why American industry was so blithe about poisoning our country's groundwater when it occurred to me they're simply playing the long game. Someday ALL of this country's water will be similarly poisoned with frack-spew or crude oil contamination and there will be nothing left to drink but the filtered water brought to you by our friends at Coca-Cola and other similar profiteers. There will probably be regulations preventing home distilling as every drop of water would require federal inspection to assure its quality, inspections that will be underfunded by Conservatives leaving us to only guess what's in our water the same way we now guess what's in our meat.


And, in case you're wondering, yes, blind people can have guns, too. That, combined with "stand your ground" makes me want to never leave my walled, underground, moated, armored, dungeon full of stewardesses again.


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Blind NRA gun-owner. Dog says: Twenty bucks or I start growling.
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