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The progressive cartoon about Texas execution practices.
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Grifters, Tramps and Thieves

Of course, by "sluts and tramps" I mean "the term Republicans apply to women who need affordable healthcare and birth control, plus accurate sexual health information". I certainly don't mean lobbyists for the beef, pharmaceutical, and fossil fuel industries.

For those not in on the gag, the ultra-conservative State lege of Texas is merrily shutting down women's clinics as fast as they can using new laws that require clinics to function as surgical hospitals. An onerous requirement for facilities which basically just needs to dispense Plan B and X-ray the occasional set of boobs.

I have a therory about why conservatives despise abortion and it has nothing to do with the sanctity of life. Simply put: babies are highly profitable. Consider all the commercial goods, not to mention housing and schooling, necessary to raise a child to adulthood and it's easy to see that a drop in abortions means a healthier bottom line.

Also important to them is that children further marginalize the poor, especially poor women. Because when you're busy working two jobs to keep the kids fed and clothed you don't have much time for politics.

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Reporters: Governor Abbott, we hear that since Texas can't acquire enough drugs for its executions it's considering dragging the condemned into a back alley and stabbing them to death with coathangers.

Texcas goveror Greg Abbott: Yes, we feel if the practice is effective enough for Texas' sluts and tramps it's good enough for its murderers.