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stereotypeI'm being accused of stereotyping. Isn't it wonderful?

I suppose to quell any misgivings I could have had one of the characters in today's 'toon speaking in binary while the other spoke in hexadecimal but I like the juxtaposition of music versus math so I went with instinct.

Still, there's a jagged little line drawn between reality and political correctness these days. For instance, we no longer use the word 'cripple' to describe the disabled even though the word is prominently displayed in the Bible. (You may have heard of it. Very popular book, or so I'm told, though the ending's a bummer.)

Garrison Keillor used to end his monologues on "A Prairie Home Companion" with the phrase "Where the men are strong, the women are good-looking, and the children are above average." That was a perfectly charming bit of prose but after what was, I suppose, a lengthy and determined campaign fueled by fake outrage he eventually altered it to "Where the men are good-looking, the women are strong, and the children are above average."

What a pussy. (Note: I didn't say 'wuss'. Wuss is for pussies.)

There's no doubt he felt the pressure to keep the donations coming so he simply knuckled under, but if he'd had any cajones he'd have answered any protestations by pointedly altering the phrase to "Where the men are strong, the women are strong, the children are strong, even the god damn dogs are strong! Ya happy now?"

If that's the level public discourse you want, fine, but in my world music equates to beauty (Rap and speed metal excepted) and women emanate a kind of music that makes life a bit more gracious. For my part I just try to keep my answers straight. But don't ask me to show my work.


end rant

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Man and woman at cafe, having trouble communicating. She speaks music, he speaks math.