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The Miranda wrongs.

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Kid Gloves

What's the difference between a citizen accused of a crime and a police officer accused of a crime? I'm glad you asked:

Unlike a member of the public, the officer gets a ‘cooling off’ period before he has to respond to any questions.

Unlike a member of the public, the officer under investigation is privy to the names of his complainants and their testimony against him before he is ever interrogated.

Unlike a member of the public, the officer under investigation is to be interrogated ‘at a reasonable hour,’ with a union member present.

Unlike a member of the public, the officer can only be questioned by one person during his interrogation.

Unlike a member of the public, the officer can be interrogated only ‘for reasonable periods,’ which ‘shall be timed to allow for such personal necessities and rest periods as are reasonably necessary.’

Unlike a member of the public, the officer under investigation cannot be ‘threatened with disciplinary action’ at any point during his interrogation. If he is threatened with punishment, whatever he says following the threat cannot be used against him.

Collectively, these form the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights. You would think that citizens and police would operate under the same set of laws but we don't. A bill of rights is supposed to protect the people from the government, not the other way around.


The matter-antimatter metaphor in this cartoon is pretty crude as such collisions actually result in hadron cascades and gamma rays and and quarks and anti-quarks and Z bosons and ... I think my brain just exploded. So perhaps it's better if we just keep this on the pop-culture Star-Trekkian level of quasi-physics and leave it at that.


Whether you realize it or not today's satirical offering is the final Raging Pencil 'toon of 2015. More importantly, Friday, January 1st, 2016, will mark the tenth year of my crankily progressive endeavor, though the first comic didn't actually appear until February 10th of 2006. Many of those first cartoons are permanently AWOL because I <message redacted> but they're still here in my heart and in my personal archives. I'm replacing all that I can but progress can be best described as "phlegmatic".

Nevertheless, I plan to mark the official February anniversary with something weird and wonderful ... hopefully. After all, there may yet be more winter tornados in my future. Thanks, Obama.


end rant

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