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Bye Mom.

Patsy Ruth Dobbs StanfillThe amazing wad of curls exhibited in this image is firmly affixed to the noggin of Patsy Ruth Stanfill, otherwise known as Mother, though I preferred to call her Mumsy. She died in her sleep Wednesday morning at the age of 86. Though born in the teeth of the Depression she somehow prospered well enough to unleash eight strapping young 'uns on the world, and for that we are all certainly grateful.

It was nice knowing her.

(Note: The preceding information is not meant to elicit consolation or pity, it is merely intended to note a significant event in my life and I thank you for reading.)


end rant

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Computer geek talking to God
Sorry, Lord. Looks like your whole dinosaur system is wiped. You really should have invested in some anti-meteor protection. How do you feel about upgrading to Mammal OSX?

Yes, this is EXACTLY what the non-copyright protected Yahweh looks like. I know this because I drew him this way.