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Sick Jokes

i heart youLess than twenty-four hours ago I was in the hospital, beset by irregular heartbeat. I thought I was a goner but it was simply my good old friend, Mr. Stress, coming back to visit me after 30 or so years. The prescription from the docs was "Get some sleep, you idiot."

They're right. After getting my pay-the-bills chores done I've spent WAYYYY too many recent nights up until 4AM getting the comic right, or wrong. I'd originally decided to put the strip on hiatus until I was sure I was better but it's hard to turn the progressive juices off, especially while lying prone for 12 hours. Whatever I did had to be quick, hence the B&W image. It works, though.

I'm now going to take a long three day vacation with my jammies and my stuffed bunny and we'll see what Monday brings.

Note: Two weeks ago I had a complete physical, complete with blood work-up, and the results were so good that all the doc could suggest was that I lose about ten pounds (I'm 178lbs) and take some vitamins.

Stress is the tiger you underfeed every day until it eventually eats you.


end rant

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