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The progressive comic about kids with assault weapons.
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Into The Abyss

stress catWhen I work too long and get too little sleep my body lets me know in no uncertain terms that I'm reaching my limit when my esophagus starts dancing like a garter snake on the third rail... sort of like what it's doing now. But don't fret, I'm fine. I just need sleeeeeeeeep.

So I'm off to bed and I'll just let you imagine for yourselves the sort of furious umbrage I'm currently feeling about people allowing children to play with assault weapons. Throw in a chart, a youtube video on the subject, and a voodoo doll of Mitch McConnell if it'll make you feel better.

But one more thing before I break out my Spider-Man pjs... I contacted my local authorities about the death of my cat, Cuddles, fearing that his death at the hands of cretins unknown may not have been an isolated event. After all, what if several other people reported similar cases and I remained mum?

I'm disappointed to report that the response was a big fat "And?". Evidently the local gendarmes have as little regard for the death of pet cats as the perps themselves. The only thing that garnered their attention was when I mentioned that I'd already buried him.

"What!? You can't bury pets, sir!"

Nice to know they care about something, he said not sarcastically at all.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, dudes and dudesses!


end rant

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Girl: Who was I supposed to shoot? Black people?
Elly: Yes. NO!

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