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Flat Wrong

steamroller Is it a surprise to anyone that the coal-and-gas empire commanded by the noxious Koch brothers is currently waging war on the renewables industry? For example, just recently the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), bunk-buddies of the Koch boys, steamrolled legislation through the Oklahoma legislature that slaps a big fat tax on anyone erecting new solar panels or wind turbines.

One gets the feeling that if ALEC or the Koch brothers had existed during man's earliest days they would have slapped a tax on cutting trees as they couldn't make their usurious nut on fire alone.


Know Your Millionaire

mark jacobIn my last Raging Pencils cartoon I warned against voting for millionaires. So who appeared on my radar today? None other than Mark Jacobs, former Reliant Energy CEO and candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Iowa. He's never held nor run for public office before which is probably why he's already broken state records for personal spending on a campaign, a whopping $1.65 million. To you and me that amount would be like winning the lottery but to this guy it's just the price of polishing his huge, throbbing ego trip.

You might suspect that he's trying to buy the Senate seat, and he is. You don't spend that kind of money just to vote to repeal Obamacare over and over while you wait for gay prostitutes and caviar to be delivered to your office.

As for his real political agenda, who knows, so enjoy your expensive dog-and-pony show, Iowans.

Fortunately, Iowans already have an excellent candidate for Senate in Democrat Bruce Braley.


And, just because there's not enough visual distractions on our nation's highways and byways, I just created this sticker to give the poor bastard stuck in traffic behind you something to ponder. If you're as enthused as I hope you are you can purchase a copy for yourself on good old Zazzle.


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