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The comic about the Republican Grinch.
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Stink, Stank, Stunk.

the grinch(Yes, I know this cartoon is WAYYYY out of season but when an idea strikes you gratefully accept the gift of the comic muses.)

When you think about it, the Grinch could have come to a great many other conclusions about the Who's non-reaction to being deprived of all their personal whose-its and whats-its just as he was about to dump them all into the snowy abyss.

I mean, put yourself in the Grinch's tight little shoes. You've stolen everything you can lay your hands on from a town full of people who obviously place great value on consumer goods and they don't even seem to bat an eye when they find their houses have been stripped clean. They instead all meet in the town square and begin singing a nonsense song. (They speak English, remember?) You don't have to be a clinical psychologist to suspect that they might all be suffering from some sort of mass denial borne of the trauma of the loss of everything they own. (In this sense the Grinch functions like an F5 tornado, except he leaves the house intact.) Far from being suffused wth the spirit of generosity the Grinch should have felt only pity but, being remorseless, there's little doubt his original course of action would be deterred.

Now let's again pause at the moment when the sled is about to go over the cliff. The Grinch has all this wonderful stuff (He enjoys a nice roast beast, too, remember?) and the townsfolk are making no attempt to retrieve it. At all. It seems to me the Grinch's obvious response would be "Fuck 'em. I'll just keep it all. Thanks, suckers!"

Then there's the possibility that the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day as a result of a sudden and fatal onset of cardiomegaly (enlarged heart syndrome) and then been dragged, lifeless, over the cliff.

Finally, there's also the perverse possibility that the townspeople were out to get the Grinch. After all, who'd want some green, pantsless demon traipsing through their kid's bedrooms night after night? So they set their trap by filling their houses with tempting goodies and then made them easy to burgle. Once the Grinch had taken the bait the townsfolk would pretend to ignore him and then drive home their contempt by doing the one thing he despised most. Singing complete gibberish. Loudly.

Of course, the last thing the Grinch wanted was to be ignored so their seeming disdain would goad him into committing further acts of atrocity at which point the Whos could hand him over to the authorities and have him locked away for a long time, even executed, without a moment of guilt.

In other words, don't fuck with the Whos.


end rant

I found this particularly entertaining.

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GOP elephant mom reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas to her Republican spawn.
And when the Grinch looked down from atop Mount Crumpet and saw all the Whos singing and holding hands he suddenly realized that, uhhhh, pious people are gullible dupes! Yeah, that's it! So he feigned repentence and then proceeded to cut their entitlements, bust their unions, offshore their jobs, and compromise their electoral system.

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