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The progressive cartoon about buyer's remorse.
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Note: Friday's cartoon will be late. It's a scheduling issue, not a health issue.

The More You Pay, the Less It's Worth.

buyer's remorseIt probably only cost the Koch boys a couple of billion dollars to buy the whole of the Republican Party. I'm not for a minute sugggesting that they have anything close to a functioning conscience between them but I believe Chuck and Dave have to be secretly disappointed that the little legislative bastards could be bought so cheap. After all, if you keep a woman around who only wants you for your money she'll eventual shtup the pool boy when your back is turned.

Compare the buying of Congress to what Dubya and his cronies spent to buy Iraq, or lease it. Two trillion dollars were spent on paint and remodeling when all the Neocons really wanted was just the corner lot where all the oil is kept. Now the neighbors are crying about shoddy workmanship and have begun throwing their leaves and IED's into Uncle Sam's yard. It's a mess.

Dick & Dubya really should have sunk their war-criminal dough somewhere with nice neighborhoods and good schools, like Sweden.

And just THINK of the war brides. Whoo-hoo!


Note: I left this cartoon B&W not because I'm feeling poorly but because it looked pretty good all by itself. Healthwise, I think I turned a big corner tonight. Yay.


end rant

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