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A Little Enlightened Reading

league of women's votersWho are you voting for this year? Why? Are you certain the straight party ticket you're no doubt about to punch doesn't have a loony or two in the bunch? Is it fair to give those people your support just because he or she has a "D" or an "R" after his or her name?

Have you read the League of Women's Voters voting guide yet? Do it! Get it! Read it! Vote!


(The following is an exercise in pure geek-flag-flying.)

wakfu castI am a fan of animation. To me, it's moving art. Furthermore, I, myself dabble in Flash animation, I enjoy Japanese anime, and I appreciate French culture. That being said, imagine my delight in finding a 53-episode, anime-style, half-hour animated program, created by the French, and using a 3D version of Flash.


It's called "Wakfu" and it's a pure delight as the sumptuous backgrounds and character design are absolutely first-rate. ("Wakfu" is sort of like Star Wars "force") It's created in 3D but is presented in a reserved 2D format. The story is basic "heroes on a quest" stuff, aimed at a younger audience, but the writing will really surprise you at times and there's plenty of subtle, often risque, humor for older crowd. The video snippet below is how one episode opens and gives an indication how it marches to its own drummer... or sax player, in this instance.

The first twelve episodes are simple stories designed to grow the characters but somewhere around episode 18 things start getting really hairy. Stick around long enough and you'll learn what's under Yugo's hat.

That it's written and animated by the French is important as Japanese animations are full of puzzling non-Western motivations and personalities. But Wakfu is Western through and through, no translation necessary.

The audio is, of course, in French but there's an English-dubbed version available on Netflix. If you're a stickler for detail you can find the original French, with English subtitles (which I prefer) here.


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