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Halloween By The Numbers

calculator halloween costume(Keep in mind that children collected $6 million for UNESCO last year.)

$75.03: The average amount the celebrating consumer expects to spend on décor, costumes, candy and fun; down from $79.82 in 2012. However…

27: Percent saying they’ll spend more on Halloween this year than last.

$2.6 billion: Expected total spending on costumes, from the 43.6 percent of people who plan to dress up. Children’s costumes rack up $1.04 billion while adult costumes are expected to reach $1.22 billion. And…

$330 million: The expected spend on pet costumes for the 13.8% of those who say they will dress their pet.

65: Percent who will shop for costumes, spending an average of $66; the average amount spent on candy is expected to be $39. Or…

$27.85: The average a person will spend to buy or make their costumes, down from $28.65 in 2012.

$2.08 billion: The total amount expected to be spent on candy.

$1.96 billion: The total amount expected to be spent on life-size skeletons, fake cob webs, mantle pieces and other festive decorations.

$360 million: The total amount expected to be spent on greeting cards.

$6.9 billion: Total estimated spending on Halloween in 2013.

70: Percentage of consumers who will purchase candy/treats after Halloween is over, as 57 percent will stock up on Halloween décor.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Did you hear about our socialist president's new plan?
It's another government-approved handout!
It will cost taxpayers billions ever year!
Look. Taking care of other people's kids is not our problem!
If people can't provide for their children that's not my problem.
This will definitely result in shortages!
I think he's trying to scare people.
This is just a ploy to get the youth vote!
And it's to be held right before the elections. Classic vote-buying.
If President Obama invented Halloween.

Overturn Citizens United