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The cartoon with the Wallace & Gromit alarm clock.
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Killing Time

thrift wallace and gromit clockshop Today's comic illustrates, sad to say, a true story.

I've been working as a freelance creative provider for a long, long time so I pretty much set my own hours, though I generally work late into the night and rise the next morning somewhat later than your typical 9-to-5 mortal. But I'm always up for temp gigs so, some years ago, when I was contacted by a local internet company needing my particular talents, in-house, for a few months I said "Sure!"

This assignment required I work more-or-less standard office hours so dependably reengaging reality at dawn's crack became vital. At the time the only useful alarm clock I had in the house was a true love object, a treasured gift from Beloved Girlfriend featuring Aardman Animation's Wallace and Gromit posed in the act of cleaning a massive clock-face. As you might guess its alarm was the Wallace & Gromit theme song.

For the first few weeks it was quite pleasant to be roused by that perky little tune, but as the assignment dragged on, one that required way too many late nights, the melody began to slowly lose its appeal. By about the third month thoughts of violence darkened my morning mood when the alarm went off.

Fortunately, though, about this time the cat took the opportunity to test the limits of gravity and somehow catapulted the clock off the dresser, whereupon it broke into several large pieces. It was repairable but the alarm no longer operated reliably. Though I was miffed at the cat she unwittingly saved it from a fate worse than eBay and this charming collectible now spends its life quietly ticking away the hours just away a few feet from where I now type this.

Thanks, cat.


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