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The cartoon about God's aversion to chance.
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god plays dice Yeah, I know. Albert Einstein is more popularly known for having said "God doesn't play dice with the universe", but a whole universe is a bitch to draw. From what I can tell Mr. Einstein also once used the word "world" in place of "universe" so I'm going with that. So there.

In my defense, good old Albert made several statements in his life regarding Yahweh's aversion to chance, having also once said "I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw dice." He seemed pretty sure about that.

Then British physicist John Bell came along and proved Einstein wrong.


When I first conceived this comic I thought it would simply be wacky to illustrate God playing a card game based on a Japanese cartoon created for the entertainment of children. Then it occurred to me that it's exactly the kind of game he'd enjoy as it's right up his alley. In other words, a world filled with exotic fauna and semi-fauna-slash-flora, created out of thin air, duking it out for superiority even if meant resorting to evolution. Just like real life.


end rant


Intriguiging claim by General Wesley Clark that, as early as 2001, the Bush administration planned on invading seven countries in five years. Eee-yikes!

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Caption: God doesn't play dice with the world. - Einstein
Earth: I'm getting tired of playing Pokemon. Can't we play Risk or Parchisi, maybe even Monopoly?

God: My house, my games. take it or leave it.

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