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Voter suppression

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Pardon Me While I Wallow

wallow in itIt's the end of 2013 and I'm going to do something I've yet to attempt in seven-plus years on Raging Pencils and that's share the Top Nine Most-Viewed Raging Pencils comics of 2013 (see below). Why nine 'toons and not ten? None of your dang beeswax, dag-nabbit!

The best way to have ascertained the most popular 'toons would have been to count the images served but my host doesn't parcel out the logs in that manner so I'm stuck with counting pageviews. (Some websites like to link directly to the comic but not the page it's on, which makes a vast difference.)

As for the comics themselves, one thing you're certain to notice is that many of them are religion-related, but that's because they're often submitted to the atheism subreddit at reddit.com and its users, bless their little hell-burning hearts, are a predictably voracious lot of heathens.

Yes, Reddit has a political subreddit, too, but their criteria for submission is much stricter than the atheism section, so while I feel my purely political cartoons offer more food for useful thought they very often have trouble knifing their way in and slicing out a chunk of that appreciably wider audience.

As a way of salving over this conundrum I have decided, on Wednesday, to present a pure Top Ten of my personal favorite 'toons of 2013. The list is well over twenty at the moment but, have no fear, I'll pare it down to something manageable.
You've been warned.

Before I go let me say what a blast it's been having all you good folks stopping by this year to view my rancorous little creations. Early February will see my 1000th Raging Pencils comic and I'm planning something semi-spectacular.

Happy New Year, all!


end rant

The following are the most most-viewed Raging Pencils comics from 2013 in reverse chronological order.

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Two Republican elephants operating a box-trap with "voter drive" written on the side. As bait they're using a flaming cross.

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