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The Man Who Would Be Stooge

stoogeAfter the 2000 Presidential election was awarded to George Bush by the Supreme Court Al Gore must have said to himself, "Well, guess I'll just have to go win a Nobel and an Oscar and make a few zillion dollars saving the Earth."

And he did. And it was good.

But what about Mitt Romney? It's been just over a year since the election and about the only time he's in the news is when he's arguing with the neighbors in court over plans for his new mansion on a San Deigo beach, the one with the famous elevators for his cars. Just not his hip, cool Mustang convertible as he recently traded that in on a 15-passenger van.

Way to ride the crest of the wave, Mitt.

Yes, this is the guy Republicans wanted. A guy with no vision except to make a fortune and be the Supreme Ruler of Everything. His life is now so prosaic that New York Magazine has devoted a somewhat snarky blog to his daily affairs entitled "Stuff Mitt Romney Is Doing These Days". From it I learned that little snippet about the Mustang, and that he advised college graduates to have a "quiver full of kids". This from a man who just celebrated grandchild #22.

These white people. I swear, all they do is sit around screwing and cashing checks. Or in vitro-fertilizing... or whatever.

Oh! And he's also building ANOTHER new home in Holladay, Utah, one with a secret room hidden behind a bookcase. When asked what he plans to use it for he no doubt stroked a white cat that just happened to be  in his arms and replied sinisterly... "Office storage."


It's clear the guy has only one ambition in life and it involves kissing whichever fanny that results in the biggest fiduciary response for him and his pals. And Republicans LOVE that kind of devotion to avarice.

Meanwhile, after five years all we've gotten from George "Worst President Ever" Bush is a fragrant public airing of his inner dilletante, obviously the same one he abused as president, by taking up the painter-like arts. (Hey! Wasn't Hitler a painter, too?) That, and pocketing appearance-money from messianic lunatics.

If Mr. Obama had lost the election I've no doubt he'd already be involved in some new civic adventure, employing his intelligence, charm, and connections for the advantage of those who need help most. And I'd be proud of him all over again, just like I am of Bill and Jimmy.


end rant

This is the best thing I've ever heard said about Sarah Palin's mouth.

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