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Hard Lessons

sandy hook
Do you want to know why Adam Lanza shot all those little kids at Sandy Hook Elementary? It's because the U.S. supply of explosives and poisons and superacids are tightly controlled by effective laws.

Assault rifles and bullets, on the other hand, are cheap and plentiful. And while the ears of the Feds perk up when you buy too many bags of fertilizer they're completely deaf to some kid barely out of high school buying 6000 rounds of assault weapon-type ammo.

But it's not the fault of the police or the FBI. The NRA wrote the rules that shield gun-owners from surveillance, and their well-greased puppets in Congress happily passed them.

(Let me state right now that we don't need stronger surveillance laws in this country. We simply need fewer guns. In fact, none.)

Shooting children also makes a great political statement. It says "Look at what your precious Second Amendment lets me do! And I spit in its face while I take your precious, innocent, helpless children to Hell with me!"

We can now only wait for the next inevitable Sandy Hook because there are no laws in this country that can protect our children from the next inevitable Adam Lanza. But we can start passing laws to restrict access to guns right now and it starts with you and your phone and the number of your congressman.


dianne rehmThursday's Dianne Rehm Show featured author Susan Crawford, an expert in communications, talking about the cable and internet industry. It was a fascinating, enlightening and, ultimately, enraging program and you can listen to it here. (Just click the little "Listen" button.)


And this nit-wit is why America needs gun control. He actually thinks guns are the answer.


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Today's Google Chow.

President Obama: So in the spirit of compromise with the gun-owning community I'm issuing an executive order requiring mandatory-carry of one of these for all leaders of the National Rifle Association.

Grannie: What is that? I can't make it out.

Fred: Brain.

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