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killer copsEarly last week I had a nice young man knock on the door. He was stumping for a local electric provider, looking for people who might want a better deal on the price of energy. That's how we do it here in Texas.

As it so happens I had a beef or two with my current provider so I said, yeah, come back tomorrow and I'll have all the information ready.

The next day I answer the door and this time there are two representatives of the energy provider, a different young man and an attractive young woman. They say the nice young man I met yesterday was "working another block". I understand they've sent in the shock troops but I say "what the heck" and decide to just get this over with as painlessly as possible.

It was comical. The fetching young lass's only job was to say nothing but write everything down, difficult things like my name and phone number. She positioned herself so I that had to stare down her cleavage as she took notes. Nice but fruitless.

As it turns out the big problem was that their energy plan was the infuriating kind that actually encourages people to use more electricity. Under their plan you have to pay an extra monthly fee until you use more than 1000 kilowatts a month. But I have never, even in the hottest Texas summer, used more than 800. If anything we should pay more on a sliding scale, especially for the use of energy resources.

But I digress.

Evidently I was supposed to be so mesmerized by the young lady's bodacious tata's that I wouldn't notice that little contractural detail. I did and hastily bid them adieu.

I'm sure a lot of other people fall for this kind of plan because Americans have this ludicrous idea that the more of one thing that we buy the cheaper it should be. But you know what that really gets you? A Walmart on every corner. The company uses its massive buying power to force vendors to lower their wholesale cost on goods, strictly for Walmart's benefit, sometimes even bankrupting some of these vendors (They screwed, blued, and tattooed Rubbmaid some years ago.) Lower prices for you and me sounds great until your local Walmart is the only game in your small town, then they jack up their prices and dare you to shop elsewhere. It happens.

Will we ever stop this practice? No. Everyone wants a deal, even if it means screwing ourselves in the long run.



Note 1: If Trayvon Martin had been white, and George Zimmerman were black

Note 2: This week This American Life offered a stunning portrayal of how the lobbying system works in practice. It's available on iTunes now.

Note 3: I'll never forget the order of the planets again.

Note 4: Guy bolts an electric model airplane engine to his bike and streaks away at 65mph. I want one!

Note 5: A small music college performs South Park, the Musical, and total awesomeness ensues. Be sure and watch the other sections from the show.

Note 6: Say "Hello!" to Rick Santorum!


And now our Chart of the Day: How much more do women pay for health insurance, before and after the Affordable Helath Care Act? From Mother Jones.

women's health care cost chart
Slightly more massive version available here.


Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation4-2-2012: The House vacated the premises early last Friday and won't be back in session until the 16th of April. No jobs will be created.


Fox News Lies. Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies! Would Fox News alter audio to make a propaganda point? You bet they would.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

end rant

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Today's Google Chow.

Gahd: Well, little soul, it's time to go meet your new mama and papa in Lobito.

Angel: Uh, Lord?

Gawd: Yes?

Angel: I ran the numbers and the average life expectancy in Angola is 39 years. Wouldn't it be better to send that soul to, say, Hong Kong where, statistically speaking, it might live twice that long?

Angel: You're a real jerk, Lord.

Gahhd: Pull my omnipotent finger.