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Master of the Lamp

iMac G4 lampBeloved Girlfriend is easy to shop for at Xmas-time as anything with an Apple logo on it will do. So when I saw a lamp made from an old G4 iMac on Etsy I knew what task lay ahead for me. So I went to shopgoodwill.com and snagged a busted iMac for cheap. Many hours of fiddling around later resulted in the work of art on your left. Needless to say, BG was delighted. She even called it "The best Christmas gift ever", even though she said the same thing last year when she got a set of My Little Pony hub-caps.

I don't have photos of the entire conversion process but I can offer some images of the final product, plus a few tips, in case you want to try this yourself.


BTW, if anyone is puzzled by the "7-cent royalty" line please read this article about a musician who received a similarly insulting amount in payment.


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Partridge: Another seven-cent royalty check. Fucking record companies.

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