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Vox Humana

fuck sopaMake no mistake about it, the Stop Online Piracy Act is nothing more than pure, unfettered greed. The media companies have decided that they will take down the internet if it means getting your butts back in the theatres, back in the video rental store, back in the CD emporium, back in the 20th century. Even though they're currently making huge profits on all media fronts. (Click here to read The Pirate Bay's take on Hollywood's hypocrisy in this instance.)

The bill is so badly written that we could easily lose all of the social media sites we currently enjoy. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Wikipedia, Youtube... all gone if just one copyright holder files a complaint. Mere links to copyrighted material could get your web site, or the site you posted the link on, hurled into an inky void. Even mighty Google would have to tread carefully.

More than that, it's also about censorship. Youtube is certainly in the gun-sights of those who dislike the idea of freely shared information. The six men who control all broadcast media feel that American's are much better off swallowing whole the limited pallette of news they dole out in print, on the hour, and on the half-hour. Lifting the veil of police brutality and seeing it shared around the world has proven to be terribly annoying to the privileged class.

The authors of this bill (and PIPA, it's Senate counterpart) are the same sad type of "visionaries" who declared that cassette tapes would kill the music industry, that video recorders would destroy Hollywood, that selling your copy of Windows 98 would drive Microsoft to its virus-infected knees. (Well, one out of three wouldn't be bad. Grin.)

Now is the moment that you must let your representatives hear your voice. Click here to contact your congressman, or here to contact your senator, and let them know that Hollywood moguls will somehow manage to afford their mansions, their mistresses, and their transexual pool-boys without firebombing one of the greatest physical manifestations of man's creativity in the history of mankind.



And now our Chart of the Day: Growth of family income from 1947 to 2007. (More like "Drop in family income", if you ask me.)

growth of family income

Click here to embiggen.



Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation1-18-2012: Here we GO!

On Tuesday, the 17th, the House selected a new, as-yet-unnamed, Sergeant-At-Arms. On the 18th the House will attempt, and fail, to vote down Mr. Obama's request for a debt increase. The House will then adjourn until Monday.


Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies!A majority of Americans support gay marriage... unless you're watching Fox News.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

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At the SOPA Theatre

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