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9-11: Inferno

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9-11 Unforgotten, Part Eight: Inferno

burning manThis is the eighth installment in a planned set of ten Raging Pencils comics, each addressing facets of
9-11 I deem sorely underevaluated.

I hope you're all enjoying the series but please take a moment to visit Mike's Video Vault (below) and listen as engineer and bright spark Jon Cole explains how you'd use thermite to destroy a building.



An abstract on active thermitic materials.

Quotes about molten metal.

More quotes about molten metal.

The government gets rid of the evidence.

Watch the molten steel flow.


We're on the glide path to the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and the tenth and final installment of this series is in view, barreling straight towards us like a hijacked 757. But first, tomorrow's all-too-brief investigation of the mysterious death of WTC 7. After that, at least two weeks of golf, cat, and dick jokes.


One of the best "where-we've-been, where-are-we-now, and where-are-we-going" stories is an absolute dope-slap of an editorial by writer Tom Englehardt called "Tear Down the Freedom Tower". You may not agree with him but I think he makes a valid point about the American public's juvenile, overblown opinion of itself.


One Last Thing: I cannot express how difficult it is to encapsulate the immense SNAFU that was 9-11 into ten mere pages of comics. To say the very least, I have had to leave out a TON of corroborating information just so eyes wouldn't glaze over at daunting sight of 50 column inches of charts, diagrams, lurid photos, and occasional bawdy limericks. If this series has piqued your curiosity then by all means follow the provided links and investigate the details on your own.


Addendum 9/21/2011: Researchers in Norway today postulated that the Towers fell due to the resultant explosions of liquid aluminum, from the melted airliners, meeting water, ala the building sprinklers. I read this news on Raw Story and was heartened by the many comments that followed. Each and every person not only ridiculed this ludicrous idea but all shared the same opinion of events that day as I. There's hope yet.



Republican Job Creation Update

john boehner"We're going to have a relentless focus on creating jobs." - John Boehner, February 10, 2011.

The following is #79 in a list of Republican job creation activities since they gained control of the House in 2011. None, sad to say, have yet to result in one, single new job.

(79) 9-9-2011: Rick Perry wants to kill Social Security. He also wants to eliminate the FDA, the FCC, the U.S. Post Office and just about every other federal employee except soldiers, the Supreme Court and himself. It's kind of a jobs plan if you long for the 12th century.

NOTE: As a result of an unexpected wave of enthusiasm for the Republican Job Creation update now has its own web site. It will remain on the RP but a web site of its own will raise its visibility on the 'net as we progress towards the critical 2012 elections. And I thank you for your support.


Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies!And what manner of lie is Fox News spewing today? PSSSt. Bill O'Reilly thinks Fox viewers are so dumb they don't know what capital gains are. He may be right.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

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Today's Google Chow.

There's little doubt that thermite, capable of burning at temperatures in excess of 2500 degrees, was certainly used on 9-11.

If you watch the 9-11 videos you can clearly see streams of molten metal exiting the building at very high levels. This is thermite at work.As the responders frantically excavated the debris they found molten metal all the way down to the basement.

As of 21 days after the attack, the fires were still burning and molten steel was still running. - Leslie Robertson, structural engineer of the WTC.

The building debris was so hot, over 1500 degrees, it had to be sprayed with water for weeks.

" You couldn't even begin to imagine how much water was pumped in there. It was like you were creating a giant lake. - Tom Manley, Uniformed Firefighters Association

When independent researchers studied the dust from the disaster they found clear signs of weapons grade nano-thermite.

Headline, April 4, 2009: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

There was no forensic study done of the disaster site, as required by law. Instead, the evidence, almost all of the structural steel, was quickly shipped to China as scrap.

" Official" science programs ridiculed the notion that thermite could melt steel beams. But independent researchers found it to be quite easy.