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mr. rogers Imagine a world where a cross is typically only used in tic-tac-toe.

Where tithe is what a lisper wears around his neck.

Where clouds are just clouds.

Where "bible" only means "book" (which it does.)

Where a nun is a pigeon. 

Where only Green Stamps are redeemed.

Where every fifth Mexican male isn't named Jesus and every other American male isn't named James, John, Robert, Michael or David.

Where every other street corner has a playground or a library.

Where "reformation" is something you periodically do with your comic collection.

Where you're ultimately responsible for your actions.

Where a vast criminal organization that uses fear of death to extort money from ignorant people is only a bad fiction.



john boehner"We're going to have a relentless focus on creating jobs." - John Boehner, February 10, 2011.

The following is a list of accomplishments of the GOP, in chronological order as of 2-10-2011. So far none have resulted in one new job being created in America.

(1) Attempted curtailing of abortion rights.
(2) Attempted defunding of Planned Parenthood.
(3) Attempted defunding of NPR.
(4) Investigating Muslims.
(5) Declaring English as America's Official Language.
(6) Reaffirming "In God We Trust". Yawn.
(7) Challenging AARP's tax-exempt status.
(8) Approved defunct funding for failed religious schools.
(9) Attempt to destroy Medicaid.
(10) Attempt to destroy Planned Parenthood
(11) Shutting down the government
(12) Attempt to destroy the EPA.
(13) Attempting to eliminate financial counseling.
(14) Passed a House budget that gives $4 trillion in tax cuts to the rich.
(15) Spend $500,000 to discriminate against gays.
(16) Continued toadying for the rich.
(17) Pretending the deficit is to blame for slow job growth.
(18) De-funded SETI. (ARGH!!!!!!!)
(19) Tried to kill Chrysler two years ago... which is now going to pay back all its government loans.
(20) The Judicial Branch of the GOP, the Supreme Court, votes 5-4 to deny consumer class-action suits.
(21) Redefining rape. Yes, redefining rape.
(22) Pushing for spending caps tied to GDP. Bad idea.
(23) Claimed credit for dropping oil prices because they passed a bill.
(24) Refuse to reduce oil subsidies.
(25) Stood helplessly and watched as Senator John Ensign made Bill Clinton look like a Carmelite nun.
(26) Attempt to retool Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare-killing bill.
(27) Prevented the raising of the federal debt limit. Let the catastrophic job loss begin.
(28) Watches Rome burn with their Wall Street pals.
(29) Filibustered bill to repeal oil subsidies.
(30) Rejected Goodwin Liu for judge simply because Mr. Obama nominated him.
(31) Abortion. Abortion. Abortion. As in "restrictions".
(32) Spent five hours debating NPR, five minutes debating Afghanistan.
(33) GOP releases their jobs plan. Hilarity ensues.
(34) Continue to hold the debt limit hostage in order to make more money for billionaires.
(35) Brought to the House floor a bill specifically blaming President Obama's 2012 budget for raising the statutory debt limit by $2.4 trillion dollars, a budget the Republican-led Congress earlier passed.
(36) Pulled from the floor a Democratic resolution to remove soldiers from Libya, because it just might have passed.

Nope. No job creation here. Seriously. Not a fucking employment sausage. Move along. Move along.

I'll keep adding to this list until the Republican House does something to create jobs. I unhappily predict this is gonna be one lonnnnng list. After all, you don't get rid of a sitting president by helping the economy.

BTw, this list is getting damned lengthy, so much so that I'm going to give it its own page, if not its own web site, quite soon. Stay tuned.


Fox News Lies!And what manner of lie is Fox News spewing today? Continues to fearmonger misinformation about health care.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

end rant

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