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On Wisconsin's corrupt, insane Republican governor.

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On Wisconsin

crossed fingersDo you know why Adolf Hitler abolished the trade unions back in 1933? It was to diminish the power of all opposition to his fascist regime. You know... sort of exactly what's going on in Wisconsin and Illinois today.

The Citizens United ruling has given corporatist's the power to use their massive piles of cash, made off the labors of you, the U.S. citizen, to literally buy the election of their choosing. Their only viable opponent in terms of funding are the unions.

So what happens if all the unions are driven from the election scene? It means that next election you get your choice of either of the two candidates brought to you by Haliburton or Koch Industries or Chase or British Petroleum. You'll see the end of democracy and the start of a true oligarchy where the opinion of anyone but the super-rich won't matter.



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Today's Google Chow.

Dilbarack: I hear you've been telling everyone that the Wisconsin unions are in league with the Antichrist.

Foxbert: Well, excuse me, Mr. Obama-nation. I didn't know you had first dibs.

Dilbarack: Cut that out.

Dilbarack: What have you got against unions, Foxbert?

Foxbert: It's simple. Give a guy a decent wage and eventually he'll want to run things. We have to nip this militant collectivism in the bud else we'll soon have another Hitler on our hands.

Dilbarack: Dude. Hitler abolished Germany's unions when he bcame Chancellor in 1933.

Foxbert: Really?

Dilbarack: Yes, really.

Foxbert: Damn. Luckily for me my viewers have the I.Q. of goldfish.

Dilbarack: We'll both pretend that's a good thing.