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The Circus Is In Town

failThe sad thing about today's comic is that it's not an exaggeration. My favorite anecdote involves freshman Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) who campaigned vigorously against the new Health Care Plan. At his freshman orientation meeting he was stunned when he learned his government subsidized health insurance wouldn't kick in for another 28 days.

"Could I purchase other insurance from the government to cover the gap?" he asked.

Well, yeah, he was told, but that would be President Obama's health care plan.


Michael Grimm (R-NY) was worried about becoming a ward of the state should something happen to him in those 28 days. Poor baby.

Bob Hurt (R-VA) told reporters that it's his right as a government employee to have government insurance. Really? Can we have some of that government insurance, Bob. I mean, we're subsidizing your insurance with our TAX DOLLARS and all. Good for the goose is verboten for the gander, I suppose.

And Ann Marie Buerkle (R-NY) was confused by reporters who kept asking her questions about her health care, until an aide passed her a note reminding her it was paid for by the government. You know... socialized health care. The kind she ran against.

Then there were the two Republican yahoos (Pete Sessions of Texas and Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania) who thought they could be sworn into office by raising their right hands and swearing to a television tuned to the ceremony. Turns out they couldn't. They later cast a couple of votes which, as you might expect, caused a bit of an uproar since they weren't legally congressmen.

And why were they not on Capitol Hill for the swearing-in ceremony? They were down the street at a fund-raiser. That's right. They were smooching lobbyist keister before they were even sworn in.

Yeah, it's gonna be fun to watch these idiots these next two years. It's just not going to be very good governance.



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Title: Who You Voted For
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Secondary Title: What You Got
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