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Politics is the kind of dirty job even Mike Rowe wouldn't take.

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Gimme De Monay!

karl fucking roveKarl Rove is a fundraiser for a Republican PAC called American Crossroads that has so far received $32 million dollars to spend on campaign advertising. It's expecting to receive as much as $52 million by Election Day.

All of this money comes directly from donors like oil companies, financial giants, and insurance companies. You know, regular folks just like you and me.

Thank you, Citizens United. Thank you, Supreme Court quislings.

Tea-Partian and former witch Christine O'Donnell is running for Senator in Delaware and has recently garnered over $2.6 million dollars in campaign funds... 85% of which came from outside of Delaware. Remember, all politics is local... but bribery is universal.

As for the 2012 presdential elections, Fox News has every major candidate under contract except Mitt Romney, who is himself a multi-millionaire and evidently can't be bothered with such trifling amounts.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are passing bills to help small businesses, the only real hope this country has to drag us out of this deepening recession.

I said it a long time ago and I'll say it again... the Republicans looted the Treasury and tanked the economy on purpose just so they could blame the resultant crappy economy on the poor Democratic sap who eventually drew the black Oval Office bean. These criminals think Americans are so stupid that they'll let them back in office to start the same shenanigians all over again, only next time they're not going to bother with fiddly small change like your mortgae. This time they're aiming at emptying Social Security right into the Wall Street kitty.

The economy always benefits when Democrats control the money. Always.


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President Obama: Look, folks, I'm working as hard as I can, but do you have ANY idea what 30 years of elephant poop looks like?

Elephant: Excuse me, boy, but we've used up all the toilet paper. Can I see your birth certificate?